August 1, 1994


To whom it may concern:

It is a distinct pleasure for me to write this reference for Glenn Allen. About two years ago, Glenn and I were hired as software engineers by CSC to work on a Navy Contract for BSY-2 at Martin Marietta. Glenn was a recent graduate but came to us as an unusually mature and focused person

During the two years we worked together we were not assigned to the same groups. Therefore I was not able to directly observe Glenn in his work environment. However, as a Senior Computer Scientist I was in meetings where Glenn's performance was discussed by his peers and his management. The reviews by his peers and managers were consistently positive.

In my 15 years of experience I have never seen a person as thirsty for knowledge as Glenn. If there was a seminar, Glenn was in it. If there was a class, Glenn would take it. If a book was discussed, Glenn would buy it. Glenn organized and ran CSC's weekly seminar series for over two years. I strongly believe that Glenn is successful because of his willingness to learn, and his willingness to act.

Glenn was an excellent colleague; he was hard-working, regularly working extra hours. Glenn's friendliness and his ability to comfortably interact with all his colleagues was always evident. At all times I was confident in Glenn's integrity and his commitment to meet his responsibilities.

In summary, Glenn is a capable, hard-working, dedicated software engineer with a broad experience base. He is cooperative, honest, and picks up new techniques and technologies quickly. Glenn Allen is precisely the type of person I would want to work for me. I recommend him to you enthusiastically and without reservation.

Yours Truly,


Mark Holder
Senior Computer Scientist
Computer Sciences Corporation




29 July 1994

To Whom It May Concern:

     It has been my pleasure to work with, and supervise, Mr. Glenn Allen at various times during his employment with CSC. Mr. Allen has demonstrated a vigorous approach to solving the problems presented by his technical assignment. When this required additional learning on his part, he was willing to put forth the time and effort required to complete his work assignments.

     As an example of Mr. Allen's willingness to put forth extra effort, he participated (on a voluntary basis) in CSC's Professional Development Coordinating Committee, and was responsible for organizing a series of lunchtime seminars given by CSC staff, guest speakers, or provided via videotape. His efforts provided a variety of interesting presentations which enhanced the technical skills and perspective of our staff.

     I had the opportunity to work directly with Mr. Allen on one assignment, in which we were tasked with resolving a backlog of nearly two years of change requests to the requirements tracability matrices of a large combat system program. This effort included working with systems engineers to identify and resolve inconsistencies in the changes, and update the matrices. Mr. Allen demonstrated the interpersonal skills and eye for detail necessary to bring the databases up to date.

     Unfortunately, decreases in funding for the defense related projects currently managed by this office have led to staff reductions. Mr. Allen's refreshing willingness to expand his capabilities to meet the requirements of an assignment, rather than expecting an assignment that meets his capabilities, will be missed. He has been an asset to our organization, and he will be an asset to any organization for which he works.

Sincerely yours,
Frederick K. Frantz




August 8, 1994

To the Bearer of this letter,

This letter will hopefully provide you with a synopsis of my professional relationship with Glenn Allen. Glenn reported to me administratively and at times, technically. I lead the Acoustics software functional area which involves annual appraisals for CSC engineers, provides administrative and technical guidance and daily liaison with the engineers.

Glenn is a young engineer and is always eager to learn and take on challenges. His dedication and willingness to complete a job it top-notch. Glenn like many other young engineers needs to continue learning all facets of software engineering and problem solving. Glenn handles constructive criticism very well and learns from it. He was part of my group for the past year and I have seen a significant positive change in his professionalism and production of output. I commend Glenn for adapting immediately to the dynamic environments he worked in. With the right leadership and guidance, Glenn can learn and be a vital resource person in any organization. Glenn was always there to provide that lending hand.

CSC is greatly appreciative of Glenn's extra effort in the areas of company identity. He spent a lot of personal time a dedication in making our office harmonious and happy. He took the initiative and planned social events and noon-time seminars where technical people within CSC can present topics. Glenn always thought in a company oriented frame of mind which in my opinion, is an attribute which is hard to find in an employee.

Please call me if you have any questions at (315) 457-7066 x110.

Best Regards


James F. Chin
Senior Computer Scientist