January 28, 1992


Reference Letter:

I have known Glenn Allen and his family for more than seven years and know that he comes from an excellent family background. The many fine personal characteristics and qualities he possesses are a result of that and his desire to excel in what he does.

As Chairman of our church's bingo operation I have had the opportunity to observe first hand some of his qualities. He volunteered to take on the responsibility to set up our school hall and the clean-up afterwards which must be done weekly. This is an important fund raiser for our parish. While the task itself was an ordinary one the manner in which it was done was not. Without supervision he obtained whatever help he needed and in most instances resolved any problems that arose in the course of his duties. His duties involved setting up the hall to accommodate 175 people, set up the bingo equipment, set up the audio equipment, and inform me of problems he could not resolve. Then afterwards to put everything away and clean up. Glenn did this for more than three years and still helps during school breaks. At the same time he was attending Dutchess Community College and even held a part time job.

My feelings about Glenn not only from the above but also from my past experiences as a former manager at IBM are that he would be a valuable member on anybody's team. He readily accepts responsibility, he is honest, intelligent, reliable, diligent, and persevering. He strives to excel and succeed. I recommend Glenn highly.

John A. Cudone
IBM Retiree
35 Kalina Drive
Rhinebeck, NY 12572




March 15, 1992


Reference Letter:

     Glenn Allen impressed me with the intellectual growth he experienced while a student at Red Hook High School. Growth is what you hope for as people ages 13 through 18 pass through a school program. Glenn's level of dedication to knowledge and his willingness to lead others in the search for additional knowledge were excellent.

     Glenn was a student in our elective course entitled The Senior Seminar. It requires each student to select a topic for research and then dedicate an entire semester to the development of a college level research paper on that topic. In addition, at the end of the semester, each student must deliver an oral report of at least one hour in length to an audience other than the seminar class. Glenn's work on the H.I.V. virus was outstanding! He was asked by our Health Department to present his oral report to all of our health classes. It was a rousing success.

     During the semester I worked with Glenn in the Seminar class and I was gratified that his dedication never lessened. His willingness to help others was excellent and the maturation he showed as the work progressed was outstanding.

     He has my support, as I am confident that these same characteristics will prove to make him a success in his professional field.

Richard A. Walker
Chairman Social Studies Department
Red Hook Central School
West Market Street
Red Hook, NY 12571