December 10, 1997

Letter of Recommendation

Re: Glenn Allen

I worked with Glenn Allen for almost 2 years at Health Care Data Systems in Syracuse, New York. During that period I found Glenn to be bright, energetic and an extremely hard worker with very good business instincts. Glenn and I worked side by side developing releases of our most widely used patient registration, billing and appointment scheduling product.

Glenn performed all aspects of the program development cycle, including design, coding, testing and implementation, with outstanding proficiency. Glenn's drive to continually produce a quality product through rigorous and efficient testing techniques is one of his many outstanding work habits. Glenn also seemed to be the one person in our department who went out of his way to develop tools that would improve on long standing procedures. These new tools would always help us to make more efficient use of our time. Glenn also has very good communication skills which were used best to help train new employees.

Glenn will certainly be an asset to any organization which has the good fortune of benefiting from his software engineering skills. I highly recommend Glenn Allen due to his professional attitude and performance in all situations.



Frank Carleo
Senior Software Engineer




William G. Marsch
303 Sidney Street
Syracuse, New York 13219
(315) 487-2988

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written in consideration of the work and performance of Glenn Allen. In the three years that I have known Glenn he has proven to be a reliable, competent employee and dedicated worker. He appears to be self motivating, working with other individuals as well as on his own to accomplish the tasks assigned to him and the group he works with. His tasks and attention to detail show a high level of quality performance. His documentation has assisted others in understanding changes and completing tasks when modifications or updates to the areas Glenn has worked in. His tasks have varied over the three years with Health Care Data Systems. He has worked in program maintenance, special programming services and development. Glenn took an active part in the company by being a part of the CQI committee. I knew at times that he was continuing his education by taking courses outside of work, he is an active member of Toastmasters, he is a member of a fall league bowling team. I would give Glenn a high recommendation in any direction he takes in the future.

William G. Marsch




November 13, 1997

To Whom it may concern:


This will serve as a reference for Glenn Allen who is currently working in the capacity of Software Engineer. In the three years that I have worked with Glenn, his performance has been exceptional. He has worked in three different areas of our applications team; special services, requests, and most recently product development.

Glenn's major accomplishments included correcting a complex refund payment adjustment bug that plagued our system for a long time, writing a customized program to allow patient demographics and charges to automatically load from one system to another, as well as having a major role in Release 4.1 where he wrote our total billing feature that allows a charge to be billed to Medicare Part A and B at the same time. Importing this feature effected multiple screen changes, file conversions, and reporting.

Glenn has the ability to quickly analyze a problem and resolve in addition to focus on large, long term projects. He can project future problems in the design stage, is meticulous and thorough during test phases, and his system changes are imported bug free.

Glenn is a team player and I highly recommend him.



Gloria E. Fox
Supervisor Customer Support