February 4, 1992


Reference Letter:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Glenn Allen, a student and tutor at the Learning Center. I have known Glenn for the past year, as he has worked at the center while attending the Institute of Technology. Glenn is a delightful, ambitious, and dependable young man who has much to offer.

Glenn is a Computer Science student with a strong background in accounting and mathematics. This combination of skills make him a valuable asset to the Learning Center, where he assists students with a wide variety of subject areas or in the use of computer applications. He has taught himself to use most of the computer applications that we support, so that he can help students who are just learning. Glenn has the ability to explain concepts in terms that his fellow students can understand. Many students have come back to tell me how helpful he is.

Working in a student support area, the ability to deal with all types of people is important. Glenn has a quiet demeanor and dry sense of humor that helps put people at ease, yet he is able to maintain control. Equally important to me are the characteristics of reliability and punctuality. Students expect services to be available as advertised; Glenn has never let me down.

I heartily recommend Glenn-his abilities and personality would make him an asset to any employer. What he does not know now, he can quickly and willingly learn.

Deborah Y. Bauder
Learning Center Director
SUNY Institute of Technology @ Utica/Rome
PO Box 3050
Utica, NY 13504-3050
(315) 792-7310